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Testimonials from happy clients and their horses

Vicki Ann says................ I have had my 7yr old piebald Welsh D x ISH -Tally for 5 years and every year in the spring and summer he has had squitty poos! He has always had a sensitive stomach and I tried every diet going, to help him, some of which did temporarily, but only for a few weeks before the squits returned!


I researched Equinox and gave it a try. Within a week i noticed a massive difference and after two weeks "Tally" had normal poo! No more constant washing of legs and he has been enjoying good grass with no worries! It is now a permanent part of his diet. Thank you Equinox!

Steph Taylor says...... I recommended Equinox HOOVES to my livery, as I had such good results with Equinox MUSCLE with my mare. Before using Equinox, his hooves were very brittle, prone to huge cracks & splits, resulting in abscess. Since putting him on equinox HOOVES, his feet are noticeably much stronger and he hasn't had any cracks like he had before His owner and my farrier are super happy with how his feet are looking now - photos taken at 5 week intervals, so 10 weeks from 1st to 3rd photo.

Sally Kidd says........Mollie had to have a TPLO operation to correct a cruciate ligament injury and she was still very stiff after resting following exercise. She had a full treatment of physio, hydro and all possible therapies to make her more comfortable. We were taking slow, short walks and waiting for improvement. I had heard nothing but good things about Equinox supplement for horses and was really pleased to hear they had produced a supplement for dogs. We started Mollie on it as soon as it was available. The improvement in her movement was noticeable almost at once and she is back to her usual level of activity.

Steph Taylor says..........Photos are of Perugia taken approx 6 weeks apart. Thanks to Equinox MUSCLE she looks like a totally different horse, healthy and happy. I had previously tried a different muscle supplement, but it sent Perugia absolutely crazy - Equinox Muscle doesn't heat her up at all and is a fraction of the price!

Amanda Warrender says......... I had been struggling to find something to help my mares hind gut, as her droppings were always loose and everything I have tried, makes them worse. I spoke with the vet as well, but everything just unsettled her tummy. I ordered a tub of Equinox and I am happy to say for the first time in a year, my horse is actually passing normal dung!! Her temperament is also so much better and I have been able to take her off her calmer. Plus her gassy tummy coming in at night off the grass has improved. She is generally a nicer horse to deal with and her dressage marks have improved greatly from 45 to 30!

Mollie has also always suffered with anxiety - when I go out (even though other people are at home), or with new/busy environments. She has regularly been sick after such events, but since being on Yarrowia for Canine she has not had a single episode of sickness and I am sure this is due to the support for her digestive system. I certainly recommend this product for any dog requiring support for joints, mobility or their digestive system if they suffer with nerves.

Kirstie Harris Caister says.....Archie our homebred 5yr old, prior to having Gastro U, was extremely anxious! He would scream, run around and poo for England. He took forever to back and I couldn't ride him properly at all. He was very clingy to other horses (any horses) totally horse obsessed. He just couldnt focus on work and his worrying made it difficult to keep his weight on.


Since being on Gastro U he is a lot more relaxed, the screaming and pooing has stopped and he is now able to focus on his ridden work. Other horses come and go from the yard and he doesn't make a sound, plus I can take others on and off the lorry and he doesn't react. He has gained a significant amount of condition and is keeping it on, even when competing.

Briony Stevens says.........I have had my 2 big competition horses on Equinox for 8 months now, and I have noticed a HUGE positive difference in them. Both were VERY good doers and no matter how much I limited their feed intake and upped their exercise regime, they both still looked very round and bloated! I noticed the following differences within just a few weeks of starting them on Equinox:-


Looked less bloated and fitter.


Manes and tails were actually growing and needing trimming, which is a rarity for one in particular - as he used to suffer from sweet itch and his hair growth was non existent!


Their coats in general were much glossier even after clipping when they often used to look dull.

Both were quite highly strung before and had to have calmer before going to competitions, being stabled, having the farrier and dentist, being turned out on their own in the paddock etc, but both are now on NO calmer at all and are so much more level headed and listen to what is asked of them, both when I'm on foot & riding.


Both are now also ridden in snaffles all the time, even when jumping which I would never have even considered before!

I also started one of my horses on Equinox Hoof supplement, 4 months ago and have definitely noticed a difference with this product also! He used to lose a shoe roughly once every 6-8 weeks which was very damaging to his hooves. He also had very crumbly feet so the farrier would struggle to have enough hoof to attach the shoes to. Since being on Equinox Hooves, his feet are much stronger, far less crumbly, very little cracks, breakaway of hoof wall if at all and we have only lost 1 shoe in the past 4 months (due to him over-reaching in the field so not foot related problems at all!) I would highly recommend both Equinox Original and Equinox Hooves, to any of my horse owner friends.

Tierney Singer says........."Phonsie" is a 9yr ex racer - I have had him for 3 years and this year he lost A LOT of weight really quickly. I tried every conditioning feed / supplements, but he just carried on getting worse. I was recommended Equinox. He has been on it for 5 weeks and has made such a amazing improvement, not only in his weight but his coat is looking lovely too. He is so calm to ride and we are jumping 1m courses now with no problems at all. Thank you so much !

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