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EQUINOX Skin Formula

A natural, plant-derived product. Does not contain preservatives, pollutants or harmful substances; free of prohibited (doping) substances.


The Skin Formula is a liquid supplement providing dermatological support for skin conditions, including allergic ones, causing itching and skin lumps, bumps, spots etc.


Skin Formula is made of a mixture of cold-pressed Omega-3/-6/-9 plant oils (a special composition of evening primrose, borage, flax and blackcurrant oils), providing them in the excellent ratio, which results in the optimal function of the acids in the body. The product is easily absorbed and readily available. Vitamin E in the esters aids the protection of cells from oxidative stress (the damage caused by free radicals etc.)







Omega-3 Alpha-linoleic acid4,3 g*


Omega-6 Linoleic acid 2,4 g*


Omega-9 Oleic acid2,3 g*


Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol)3,6 mg*

Equinox Skin contains :-


No FEI Banned Substances

No molasses

No preservatives

No Soya or GM

No Alfalfa

No binders or fillers

No waste by product ingredients

No wheat feed or Oat feed

No ingredients of animal origin 

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