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Foal and Yearling Gastro U

Gastric & Hindgut Support for foals before during and after the weaning period A unique composition of the specially selected Yarrowia lipolytica yeast strain, ethyl esters of essential unsaturated fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6,) with the addition of rice bran and linseed.

A natural plant-based product, not containing preservatives, pollutants or harmful substances, free of prohibited substances (doping.)

Aimed at providing healthy foals with the nutritional gastric/hindgut support to face the weaning period, which can be very challenging. Weanlings and yearliings often require gastric/hindgut support, as they adjust to new homes, new diets, travelling etc, plus the supplement ensures increased nutrient uptake, for healthy weight and overall condition.

The Gastro U Foal Formula complementary supplement is a product based on the unique, highly digestible Yarrowia lipolytica yeast strain and ethyl esters of essential unsaturated fatty acids. It is rich in bioactive ingredients, essential amino acids and fatty acid esters with valuable Omega-3/-6 bonds, containing rice bran and linseed.

The Manufacturer declares that the product does not contain doping substances, Class A drugs or Class B drugs mentioned in the list of prohibited substances issued by FEI. The prepared product may be used throughout pre-competition period and during and after competitions. Suitable for horses competing under Rules.

Weaned foals are subject to considerable stress, resulting from the weaning process, plus change in environment and feeding conditions. This can result in lack of appetite, decreased body mass and poor physical condition. The onset of EGUS is common in this period, resulting in many digestive problems. The Gastro U Foal Formula complementary supplement effectively supports the proper development and physical condition of the weaned foals. The Yarrowia lipolytica yeast provides for the proper development of the digestive tract micro-flora and supports continued gastric & and hindgut health, Omega-3/-6 ethyl esters have anti-inflammatory properties, and the addition of mucilage-containing linseed protects the digestive tract from harmful factors, while supporting the correct passage of the intestinal content. Rice bran supports the proper development of muscle tissue.

Recommended daily serving - 8g per 100 kg of body weight 16g is the standard daily amount for a 200kg foal. Measure included = 15g 1kg tub of FOAL U will last approx 2 months fed at 16g per day.

Cost - 1 kg tub £35 (+p&p) - to order click here.