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About ingredients for Equinox Gastro U Formula

Directions:- Daily serving is 8g per 100 kg of bodyweight daily. 3kg of Gastro U will last a 550kg horse approx 2 months, fed at 45g per day. 550kg horse - 3 x 15g yellow scoops per day.


One or two tubs of Gastro U Formula should be fed to the horse, before maintaining long term gastric & hindgut comfort on Equinox Original or SPORT. Equinox Gastro U, may also be used at times of increased risk, such as just before, during & after long journeys, stay away shows, worming etc.


Gastro U can also be fed at half the recommended amount, with Equinox Original or SPORT.


Gastro U can be fed long term at half the recommended amount.

Equinox Gastro U Formula  contains :-


No FEI Banned Substances

No molasses

No preservatives

No Soya or GM

No Alfalfa

No binders or fillers

No waste by product ingredients

No wheat feed or Oat feed

No ingredients of animal origin 



Feed material: Yarrowia lipolytica feed yeast, calcium carbonate,

Omega-3/-6/-9 fatty acid ethyl esters, mint, fennel, licorice root, chamomile, anise.


There is no Saccharomyces cerevisiae in any Equinox supplements. 


Nutritional analysis per kilogram of product:


Crude protein 35.3 %

Crude fat 13.1 %

Crude fiber < 1.0 %

Dry matter 97.0 %

Moisture 2.3 %

Crude ash 17.6 %




Vitamin B12: 0.256 μg/100g

Vitamin B2: 0.9 mg/100g

Vitamin B5: 7.10 mg/100g

Vitamin B3: 21.10 mg/100g

Cholin: 2570 mg/kg




Calcium: 40 g/kg

Magnesium: 1.520 g/kg

Phosphorus: 18.4 g/kg

Sodium: 12.1 g/kg




Iron: 89.3 mg/kg

Copper: 18.9 mg/kg

Manganese: 13.5 mg/kg

Zinc: 250 mg/kg


Ethyl esters in the form of Omega-3/-6/-9 fatty acids:


Omega-9 monounsaturated fatty acids: 37g/kg


Polyunsaturated fatty acids: 81g/kg including:


Omega-3: 55g/kg

Omega-6: 26g/kg


Amino acids:


Alanine 26.9g/kg

Arginine 15.9g/kg

Asparagine 33.9g/kg

Glutamic acid 41.1g/kg

Cysteine 5.0g/kg

Glycine 17.0g/kg

Histidine 7.8g/kg

Isoleucine 16.4g/kg

Leucine 25.2g/kg

Lysine 25.6g/kg

Methionine 7.0g/kg

Ornithine 0.8g/kg

Phenylalanine 14.4g/kg

Proline 15.0g/kg

Serine 16.5g/kg

Threonine 18.4g/kg

Tyrosine 32.8g/kg

Valine 20.0g/kg


* Nutrient content may fluctuate within the +/- 5% range

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