Equinox supplements for Horses & Dogs

Equinox Horses & Dogs

Equinox Sport - increased energy and stamina

Equinox Sport contains :-


No FEI Banned Substances

No molasses

No preservatives

No Soya or GM

No Alfalfa

No binders or fillers

No waste by product ingredients

No wheat feed or Oat feed

No ingredients of animal origin

The difference between Equinox and Equinox Sport is in E and C vitamins, which are greatly increased providing increased energy and stamina. The product's purpose is a higher amount of antioxidants, especially E vitamin, which combined with bioavailable selenium – gives additional boost - supporting the needs of extremely hard working horses.


The rich content of bioactive substances found in unique Yarrowia lipolytica yeast and its high bioavailability rates increase the efficacy of the Yarrowia Animal Equinox SPORT product. Ingredients of particular value include: citrulline maleate, bioactive selenium in organic complexes with sulphur-containing amino acids, a broad spectrum of exogenous amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Additionally, Yarrowia Animal Equinox Sport is enriched with high amounts of two antioxidants: vitamin E and C.




The high biological value of proteins in Yarrowia Animal Equinox SPORT, with exogenous amino acids, vitamin E, selenium and vitamin C are responsible for supporting strength and endurance in horses exposed to high levels of exertion. Yarrowia Animal Equinox SPORT also signifcantly supports muscular tone and strength. Bioactive compounds, in particular citrulline maleate, support the above-mentioned processes, facilitating the production of nitrogen oxide.




The excellent source of 16 amino acids in Equinox Original and Equinox Sport - enable horses to build up strong muscular tissue, improving the muscle strength and tone - thus assisting with ongoing training, performance and improving their athleticism.  Equally important for horses in competition, training, young horses, veteran horses and those who may have been off work and need to rebuild muscular strength.




Due to prebiotic properties within yeast, stimulating the growth of beneficial intestinal flora, Yarrowia Animal Equinox SPORT greatly supports digestion. For the best result with gastric/hindgut health, we encourage a high forage, low concentrate, molasses free and grain free diet to be followed. Please email or FB message to discuss diet.




Equinox SPORT was shown in trials to have an excellent effect supporting the quality of horses’ coats, manes, tails and hooves. The presence of zinc and vitamins B, especially B2 and B5 - supports excellent skin, hair growth and hoof condition.




Equinox Sport supports stamina and reduces the post-competition rest period required after competitive exertion.


Intended for: sport horses, young horses beginning their sport training.


Amounts: 8 g/100 kg body weight/day (standard daily requirement - 2,5 measures (40 g)/day/horse of 500 kg body weight).


One scoop contains 16 g of product.


£38 for 1.5kg (+p&p)  or  £60 for 3kg (+p&p) 

3kg  lasts a 500kg horse approx 2.5 months - to order click here

The daily amount of the preparation contains 4 mg  of sodium selenite (1.8 mg selenium).


For best results from Equinox Original, Gastro U, Sport & Hooves, please feed as part of a molasses free and grain free diet if possible. For diet advice, please email here.


Yarrowia Lipolytica yeast - upon which all our supplements are based - contain oligosaccharides (mannanes, beta-glucans)  which are NOT susceptible to animal digestive enzymes, so are able to survive the passage to equine intestines.  The yeast becomes a medium for normal/beneficial bacterial flora, leading to restricted growth of negative bacteria present in intestinal flora.  Favourable bacteria, including lactic bacteria proliferate rapidly and negative organisms decrease.


Yarrowia lipolytica yeast cellular walls have a stable and extensive structure, and contain mycotoxin-binding properties.


Yarrowia lipolytica yeast strain, uses fat as a source of carbon and energy, hence guaranteeing a higher content of valuable, bio-available nutrients.


The special process of yeast biomass multiplication on the fatty substrate, under biotechnological regime, guarantees the highest product quality. This is an innovation in the market of horse supplementation and Equinox supplements are the ONLY supplements in the UK to contain this unique yeast strain produced by patented technology.


Yarrowia lipolytica yeast -   grown on fats, are a perfect source of protein with optimum amino acid   composition, B group vitamins, vital micro- and macro-elements, in   easily absorbable- organic form and contain active substances, including   selenomethionine, selenocysteine, alfa-ketoglutaran, cytrulline malate,   kynurenic acid.


Yarrowia lipolytica yeast is extremely efficient at delivering nutrients into the horses body, therefore the horse benefits not only from the nutrients contained in ours supplements, but also is better able to utilise nutrients in hay, grass and other bucket feed.


Our UNIQUE YARROWIA YEAST - must NOT be confused with Brewer's yeast - which is made from a one-celled fungus called Saccharomyces cerevisiae and is a by-product of brewing beer.


The Manufacturer declares that the product does not contain doping substances, Class A drugs or Class B drugs mentioned in the list of prohibited substances issued by FEI. The prepared product may be used throughout pre-competition period and during and after competitions. Suitable for horses competing under Rules.








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