Equinox supplements for Horses & Dogs

Equinox Horses & Dogs

Equinox Hooves contains :-


No FEI Banned Substances

No molasses

No preservatives

No Soya or GM

No Alfalfa

No binders or fillers

No waste by product ingredients

No wheat feed or Oat feed

No ingredients of animal origin

Is your horse:


A barefoot horse?

Transitioning to barefoot?

A shod horse that constantly loses shoes?

Have soft soles, caused by wet, sodden fields?

Crumbling / weak hoof walls?

Hooves that barely grow?

Flaky, shedding frogs?

Lack of hoof immunity?


Highly Recommended for BAREFOOT & SHOD horses - who need a PROFESSIONAL supplement

Equinox Hooves

As recommended by Farriers

Equinox Hooves is a unique product based on a highly-absorbent yeast strain Yarrowia lipolytica, with a high content of organic magnesium, zinc and manganese, sulphur amino acids in bio-complexes with selenium, biotin, vitamins A and C.


Additionally it is enriched with caprylic and caprynic acid, Echinacea, raspberry, parsley leaves and buckwheat grains.


The pictures below show results in hoof growth after 3 - 4 months of using Yarrowia Hooves. (2-3 packages of the product).

Yarrowia Equinox Hooves:


strengthens and nourishes hoofs


Supports brittle and fragile hoof horn, susceptible to cracks and soft soles.  Yarrowia lipolytica yeast strain provides bioactive substances, unsaturated fatty acids and a broad selection of all necessary trace elements, vitamins and amino acids; supporting the development of a healthy hoof horn, supporting appropriate elasticity, flexibility and strong hooves. Group B vitamins, linoleic acid with omega-6 bonds and organic complexes of selenium with sulphur amino acids (selenomethionine and selenocysteine) in particular play a significant role in the process of keratin formation, supporting horn hardness and elasticity, preventing drying and nourishing the whole hoof.


supports regular growth and prevents hoof horn cracking


Highly absorbent minerals contained in Yarrowia lipolytica yeast, along with biotin and vitamin A, play a significant role in supporting horn quality, particularly when it is brittle and fragile, causing deformation of the whole hoof box. They also promote regular, healthy growth of the horn, preventing hoof wall cracking.


supports frog condition


Yarrowia lipolytica yeast culture is enriched with organic zinc and copper. These elements which are contained within the yeast cellular wall are able to be absorbed and assimilated. Therefore their valuable properties may be fully used for support of the cells within the hoof tissue.  An addition of echinacea and vitamin C, contained in raspberry and parsley leaves, supports immunity.


supports the immune system


The presence of beta-glucans in the cellular walls of Yarrowia lipolytica yeast supports the immune system. The addition of caprylic and caprynic acids, belonging to the category of the strongest natural substances, further increases the supplement's efficacy.


supports circulation within the hoof horn tissue


In order to ensure a proper perfusion of hoof tissue and to facilitate distribution and absorption of nutrients into the hooves, raspberries, parsely leaves and buckwheat grains were added which are responsible for supported blood circulation in the hoof capillaries.


integrates the structure of a hoof sole


An addition of magnesium supports normal formation of the hoof box structure and improves its integrity, thus supporting non-shod horses' to move on hard and uneven surfaces. The element supports resistance of a hoof box to external factors and its strength.


Amount: The tub is 2.5 kg - the daily amount for hooves is 10 - 12 g per 100kg of bodyweight. Price is £52 plus P&P - this will last an average horse - fed 50g per day - approx 6 weeks -to order click here.


For best results from Equinox Original, Gastro U, Sport & Hooves, please feed as part of a molasses free and grain free diet if possible. For diet advice, please email here.


Yarrowia Lipolytica yeast - upon which all our supplements are based - contain oligosaccharides (mannanes, beta-glucans) which are NOT susceptible to animal digestive enzymes, so are able to survive the passage to equine intestines. The yeast becomes a medium for normal/beneficial bacterial flora, leading to restricted growth of negative bacteria present in intestinal flora. Favourable bacteria, including lactic bacteria proliferate rapidly and negative organisms decrease.


Yarrowia lipolytica yeast cellular walls have a stable and extensive structure, and contain mycotoxin-binding properties.


Yarrowia lipolytica yeast strain, uses fat as a source of carbon and energy, hence guaranteeing a higher content of valuable, bio-available nutrients. The special process of yeast biomass multiplication on the fatty substrate, under biotechnological regime, guarantees the highest product quality. This is an innovation in the market of horse supplementation and Equinox supplements are the ONLY supplements in the UK to contain this unique yeast strain produced by patented technology.


Yarrowia lipolytica yeast - grown on fats, are a perfect source of protein with optimum amino acid composition, B group vitamins, vital micro- and macro-elements, in easily absorbable- organic form and contain active substances, including selenomethionine, selenocysteine, alfa-ketoglutaran, cytrulline malate, kynurenic acid.


Yarrowia lipolytica yeast is extremely efficient at delivering nutrients into the horses body, therefore the horse benefits not only from the nutrients contained in ours supplements, but also is better able to utilise nutrients in hay, grass and other bucket feed.


Our UNIQUE YARROWIA YEAST - must NOT be confused with Brewer's yeast - which is made from a one-celled fungus called Saccharomyces cerevisiae and is a by-product of brewing beer.


The Manufacturer declares that the product does not contain doping substances, Class A drugs or Class B drugs mentioned in the list of prohibited substances issued by FEI. The prepared product may be used throughout pre-competition period and during and after competitions. Suitable for horses competing under Rules.




As recommended by Farriers

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