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Yarrowia Canine - High Strength

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Skin, coat and digestive issues are common in dogs - such as itchy flaky skin, hot spots, excessive shedding, loose bowels. These conditions can be caused, or made worse by negative bacteria growing in the digestive system. Our supplement promotes the growth of healthy bacteria and rectifies the PH levels, resulting in decrease of negative bacteria.


Our supplement supports not only your dog’s coat and skin, but also digestion, muscles, bones, respiratory/airways and overall well-being.


Unique formula of lipolytica yeast fortified with omega fatty acids, plus vitamins, minerals + pre & pro biotics - provide a natural approach to nutritionally support your dogs every day diet. Find out more details about the ingredients in Yarrowia Canine here.


You can buy Yarrowia Canine for £20 (+p&p) here.


YARROWIA CANINE complementary supplement is a formula developed on the basis of the two unique materials: Yarrowia lipolytica yeast containing the entire spectrum of omega-3/-6 fatty acids. It is fortified with vitamins A, D3, E, biotin, zinc, copper and manganese in the form of highly digestible organic compounds, and is enriched with specially selected composition of phytobiotics and probiotic bacteria. This unique composition of bioactive components ensures the high bio-availability of the product.



We recommend feeding Yarrowia CANINE in a diet including quality meat protein. Avoiding grain / gluten can be helpful for some dogs. We do not recommend dog food containing any of the following:-


Meat and animal derivatives ( low-grade non-specified animal products)




Daily Amount - Puppies 12 wks plus / under 6 months, introduce at half the recommended amount, then gradually increase to full amount as below:


Standard 0.3 g per 1kg body weight per day. 1 measure enclosed = 10 grams. 

5kg dog = quarter measure per day

10kg dog = half measure per day 

30kg / 35kg dog = approx 1 measure per day


Tub lasts:- very small dogs 3kg to 5kg approx 12 to 8 months

small and medium dogs 10 to 20kg approx 2 to 4 months

Large dogs 25kg approx almost 2 months

Very large dogs 35kg to 40kg - approx 1 month


Daily recommended amounts per approx dog weight:-


3kg - 0.9g per day

5kg - 1.5g per day

10kg - 3g per day

15kg - 4.5g per day

20kg - 6g per day

25kg - 7.5g per day

30kg - 9g per day

35kg - 10.5g per day

40kg - 12g per day

45kg - 13.5g per day



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