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Yarrowia Canine - Veterinary strength


Natural approach to dog nutrition




Feed material:


Yarrowia lipolytica yeast (a source of amino acids, vitamins, macroand microelements,) ethyl esters, probiotic (Biogen P), calcium carbonate, artichoke, chicory


Dietetic supplements: vitamin AD3E complex in the form of a feed mix, zinc chelate, copper chelate and manganese chelate, biotin


Mineral additives: sodium selenate E8


Form: pellets


Analysis of above ingredients per 1 kg:


raw protein: 38% (source - Yarrowia Lipolytica yeast)

raw fat: 15.6% (source - Yarrowia Lipolytica yeast)

raw fibre: 1%

dry mass: 95.8%

humidity: 4.2%

raw ash content: 16%




Calcium: 42.0g/kg

Phosphorus: 11.7g/kg

Magnesium: 1.26g/kg

Sodium: 12.67g/kg

Potassium: 8.72 mg/kg




Iron: 84 mg/kg

Copper: 133 mg/kg

Zinc: 1310 mg/kg

Manganese: 191 mg/kg

Selenium:3.5 mg/kg




Vitamin A: 40.5 mg/kg

Vitamin D3: 250 ug/kg

Vitamin E: 1023 mg/kg

Vitamin B2: 21.72 mg/kg

Vitamin B9: 1185 ug/kg

Vitamin B12: 2.45 ug/kg

Niacin: 106.29 mg/kg

Biotin: 21 mg/kg


Ethyl esters in the form of the following fatty acids:


Omega-3: 51g

Omega-6: 18g

Omega-9: 21g


Daily Amount: 0,3 g/1kg body mass/day. 1 measure = 10 grams. A 30kg dog = Approx 1 measure per day 1 measure = 5 gram Package volume: 400g


* the nutrient content may vary by +/- 5% A natural product, does not contain preservatives, contaminants or harmful substances, free of banned substances.

Equinox Canine contains :-


No FEI Banned Substances

No molasses

No preservatives

No Soya or GM

No Alfalfa

No binders or fillers

No waste by product ingredients

No wheat feed or Oat feed

No ingredients of animal origin

No wheat, corn, gluten or sorghum

No added sugar

No Rendered fat

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